PSPDFKit 6.4 Migration Guide

Updated Build Versions

With PSPDFKit 6.4, we updated various build properties and versions.

  • Changed

    The Android Gradle plugin used to build PSPDFKit was updated to version 3.6.3. All sample applications now use Android Gradle plugin 3.6.3 as well.

API Changes

  • Removed

    With PSPDFKit 6.4 for Android, we reenabled minification for the previously non-minified framework-internal PageLayout class. If you were relying on this class in your builds, it’s necessary to switch to an existing suitable public API for replacing the functionality when upgrading to PSPDFKit 6.4 for Android. If you have troubles with migrating to public APIs, please reach out to us on support with your specific use case and problem.

  • Changed


    The behavior of the two existing mergePage() processor methods was changed to now properly account for any rotation set on the target page. Previously, merging pages would lead to unexpected results if the target page had a non-zero rotation set. If your application relies on the old rotation behavior, consider passing in a PagePdf using a rotated Matrix instead.