PSPDFKit 5.1 Migration Guide

This article provides a set of guidelines for migrating from version 5.0 to version 5.1 of PSPDFKit for Android. If you’re upgrading from a version earlier than 5.0, please review the Android 5 Migration Guide first.


PSPDFKit for Android now uses AndroidX instead of the support library, which means you’ll have to migrate your applications in order to continue using PSPDFKit. The complete migration instructions can be found here. You can let Android Studio automatically migrate your project.

However, you might still need to manually update a few things afterward before everything is working properly.

Notable Changes and Deprecations

  • XfdfFormatter#writeXfdf[Async]() now throws an exception when an annotation that isn’t attached to the document is passed in.

  • Deprecates TextSearch constructors taking Context. Use other overloads instead.

  • Deprecates the SearchOptions.Builder() constructor taking Context. Use the default constructor instead.

  • Deprecates isShareEnabled() in PdfActivityConfiguration. Use PdfConfiguration#getEnabledShareFeatures() instead.

  • Deprecates enableShare() and disableShare() in PdfActivityConfiguration.Builder. Use PdfActivityConfiguration.Builder#setEnabledShareFeatures() instead.

  • Deprecates isTextSharingEnabled(), isEmbeddedFilesSharingEnabled, and isSharingNoteEditorContentEnabled() in PdfConfiguration. Use PdfConfiguration#getEnabledShareFeatures() instead.

  • Deprecates textSharingEnabled(), embeddedFileSharingEnabled(), and sharingNoteEditorContentEnabled in PdfConfiguration.Builder. Use PdfConfiguration.Builder#setEnabledShareFeatures() instead.

Java 8 Support

Since PSPDFKit 5 for Android, apps including PSPDFKit need to enable Java 8 support. In order to enable Java 8 support, follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure you’re using version 3.2.1 or higher of the Android Gradle plugin. In your top-level build.gradle file, add:

classpath ''
  1. In your app-level build.gradle file, enable Java 8 support:

compileOptions {
    sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
    targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8