Android | Can You Create Digital Signatures without a Signature Form Field?

It isn’t possible to create digital signatures without a signature form field. A SignatureFormField for signing is always required, but it can have an empty bounding box, making it invisible:

// Create an empty rect.
val rectFSignatureFormConfiguration = RectF(
    30f, // left
    190f, // top
    30f, // right
    190f // bottom

val signatureFormConfiguration = SignatureFormConfiguration.Builder(0, rectFSignatureFormConfiguration)
val signatureFormField = document.formProvider.addFormElementToPage("signaturefield-1", signatureFormConfiguration) as SignatureFormField

// Now perform the digital signing with the newly created form field.
// Create an empty rect.
RectF rectFSignatureFormConfiguration = new RectF(
    30, // left
    190, // top
    30, // right
    190 // bottom

SignatureFormConfiguration signatureFormConfiguration = new SignatureFormConfiguration.Builder(0, rectFSignatureFormConfiguration)
SignatureFormField signatureFormField = (SignatureFormField) document.getFormProvider().addFormElementToPage("signaturefield-1", signatureFormConfiguration);

// Now perform the digital signing with the newly created form field.

Refer to this guide for information on how to create digital signatures.