Nightly Builds

Nightly builds represent our current development snapshot and contain unreleased features and bug fixes. Our support team can grant access to nightly builds for special situations, such as if you need to verify if a feature or bug fix is working as intended.

ℹ️ Note: Although nightly builds should be stable, they haven’t undergone the same quality control process as stable releases, and as such, they are not meant to be used for apps in production.

Nightly Maven Downloads

If nightly builds are enabled for your customer account, you can download them by setting the version of your PSPDFKit Gradle dependency to SNAPSHOT:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.pspdfkit:pspdfkit:SNAPSHOT'

Forcing Redownloading of Nightly Builds

To speed up your builds, Gradle will cache nightly binaries for a certain period before it redownloads a newer version from our servers. You can force Gradle to update the binaries to the latest available nightly binary inside Android Studio:

  1. Open the Gradle tools window, usually located on the right side of Android Studio.

  2. Right-click your Gradle root project (the first entry) and select Refresh dependencies.

  3. Gradle will now redownload all dependencies and update the PSPDFKit nightly builds to the latest available version.

Download Nightly Builds Manually

Nightly builds are also available as ZIP files containing the PSPDFKit AAR file, the Catalog app, and other examples. The manually downloaded AAR file can be integrated using the steps found in the Manual Library Integration guide. You can download the nightly ZIP file using the download link you received from the PSPDFKit customer support team.