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Introducing PSPDFKit for visionOS

Stefan Kieleithner

Apple Vision Pro ships on February 2, and we’re ready. With PSPDFKit for visionOS in your app, it’s time for documents to meet spatial computing. Starting with PSPDFKit 13.3, which we’re releasing today, our SDK now supports visionOS alongside iOS and Mac Catalyst.

PSPDFKit for visionOS brings powerful document capabilities to spatial computing. Additionally, it runs natively on Apple’s new platform, building on the foundation of our iOS framework. PSPDFKit for visionOS has been available as a public preview in our nightly builds for the past few months, and now that PSPDFKit officially supports visionOS, you can submit your apps to the visionOS App Store starting with our latest release, 13.3.


We’ve worked hard to make sure PSPDFKit feels at home on visionOS by adding hover effects to UI elements that can be focused on with your eyes, displaying toolbars and auxiliary UIs as ornaments around the content outside the main window, optimizing interactions to feel intuitive for hand movements, and verifying that our UI looks great in spatial environments.

visionOS support has been added to our existing PSPDFKit for iOS XCFrameworks that we ship. You can add visionOS support by getting a license key for this new product. See our getting started guides for information on how to integrate PSPDFKit into your visionOS app.

If you’re interested in using PSPDFKit for visionOS, get in touch with our Sales team.

Feel free to reach out to us about any plans for how you want to start using PSPDFKit for visionOS and to share any feedback regarding this product.

Stefan Kieleithner iOS Engineer

Stefan began his journey into iOS development in 2013 and has been passionate about it ever since. In his free time, he enjoys playing board and video games, spending time with his cats, and gardening on his balcony.

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