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Swift by Sundell Podcast with Peter Steinberger

Illustration: Swift by Sundell Podcast with Peter Steinberger

On July 19, our CEO, Peter Steinberger, was interviewed by John Sundell on his Swift by Sundell podcast. Swift by Sundell is a weekly blog and podcast show that covers a wide range of topics pertaining to Swift development. John is well-known in the iOS space for the widely used iOS open source projects he created, his blog and podcast, and being an active speaker at many iOS developer conferences.

During the episode, John and Peter talk about the origins of PSPDFKit and how it started from just a one-off project for a client while Steinberger was waiting for his US visa to come through, evolved into a hobby project, and ultimately grew into the 40-person company that it is today. They go on to discuss some of the difficulties of building and maintaining a large framework project, how the iOS team works with Radar, and the challenges that Peter has in common with other companies producing a closed source SDK.

If you want to listen to the full episode, you can check it out here.

Also, check out John’s blog and podcast.

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