The Team

Peter Steinberger, CEO

Peter Steinberger

Founder & CEO

Peter founded and bootstrapped PSPDFKit GmbH in 2011, and has since gradually expanded the company with the goal of providing the highest-quality PDF Framework to mobile. While Peter is responsible for the day-to-day management of the team, he never misses the chance to go under PSPDFKit's hood and continue improving on the original code he wrote back in 2011.

Jonathan D. Rhyne, COO

Jonathan D. Rhyne

Co-Founder & COO

Jonathan joined PSPDFKit in 2014, bringing a unique perspective to business development and strategy in the mobile industry. Jonathan is responsible for managing our sales team, legal matters, and providing vision for where the company should go. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law.

Martin Schürrer, CTO

Martin Schürrer

Co-Founder & CTO

Martin joined PSPDFKit in 2014, bringing a massive amount of experience in developing backend services. He is our lead engineer and is responsible for managing the development of the upcoming products in our pipeline. Martin uses Elixir, Erlang, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and Riak every day in his work. Martin studied at the Vienna University of Technology.

Simone Arpe, Android Engineer<br>Genova
Simone Arpe

Android Engineer

Rad Azzouz, iOS Engineer/Support<br>Montreal
Rad Azzouz

iOS Engineer/Support

Kelly Benitez, Marketing<br>London
Kelly Benitez


Matej Bukovinski, iOS Engineer<br>Ljubljana
Matej Bukovinski

iOS Engineer

Miguel Calderón, Web Engineer<br>Madrid
Miguel Calderón

Web Engineer

Daniel Demiss, iOS/Instant Engineer<br>Hamburg
Daniel Demiss

iOS/Instant Engineer

Nishant Desai, iOS Engineer<br>Mumbai
Nishant Desai

iOS Engineer

Yann Domalain, Sales<br>Raleigh
Yann Domalain


Luna Graysen, Web Engineer<br>Montreal
Luna Graysen

Web Engineer

Julian Grosshauser, QA Engineer<br>Pfaffstädten
Julian Grosshauser

QA Engineer

Giuseppe Gurgone, Web Engineer<br>Sicily
Giuseppe Gurgone

Web Engineer

Reinhard Hafenscher, Android Engineer<br>Vienna
Reinhard Hafenscher

Android Engineer

Douglas Hill, iOS/Instant Engineer<br>London/World Traveller
Douglas Hill

iOS/Instant Engineer
London/World Traveller

Steven Izzo, QA Engineer/Support<br>Raleigh
Steven Izzo

QA Engineer/Support

Stefan Kieleithner, iOS Engineer<br>Vienna
Stefan Kieleithner

iOS Engineer

Samo Korosec, Design<br>Vienna
Samo Korosec


Aditya Krishnadevan, iOS Engineer<br>Mumbai
Aditya Krishnadevan

iOS Engineer

Wei Li, Finance & Administration<br>China/Vienna
Wei Li

Finance & Administration

Richard Malloy, Sales<br>Raleigh/California
Richard Malloy


Christoph Mantler, QA Engineer<br>Vienna
Christoph Mantler

QA Engineer

Daniel Martin, Core Engineer<br>Madrid
Daniel Martin

Core Engineer

William Meleyal, Web Engineer<br>Brighton
William Meleyal

Web Engineer

Claudio Ortolina, Web Engineer<br>London/Istanbul
Claudio Ortolina

Web Engineer

Akshat Patel, iOS Engineer<br>Ahmedabad
Akshat Patel

iOS Engineer

David Schreiber-Ranner, Android Engineer<br>Vienna
David Schreiber-Ranner

Android Engineer

Ivan Skoric, Android Engineer<br>Zagreb
Ivan Skoric

Android Engineer

Philipp Spieß, Web Engineer<br>Vienna
Philipp Spieß

Web Engineer

Tomáš Šurín, Android Engineer<br>Bratislava
Tomáš Šurín

Android Engineer

Oscar Swanros, iOS Engineer<br>Colima
Oscar Swanros

iOS Engineer

James Swift, Core Engineer<br>Ireland.
James Swift

Core Engineer

Patrik Weiskircher, Core Engineer<br>Columbus
Patrik Weiskircher

Core Engineer

Nick Winder, Core Engineer<br>Boulder
Nick Winder

Core Engineer

Anastasiia Zhuravleva, Android Engineer<br>Amsterdam
Anastasiia Zhuravleva

Android Engineer

About PSPDFKit

PSPDFKit is helping companies and users increase productivity across the globe. With our robust PDF solutions, we ensure developers and end-users have the highest quality tools available to do their best work. Trusted by industry leaders throughout the world such as IBM, SAP, Lufthansa & United Airlines, PSPDFKit is the go-to solution for integrating PDFs into your app.

With our flagship Software Development Kits (SDKs), companies are able to deliver superior customer experiences on any platform and any device, effectively replacing the need for paper processes. PSPDFKit is designed and built in a modular way so that it scales with development needs allowing developers to focus on building great apps. In less than 15 minutes, customers can seamlessly integrate PSPDFKit adding powerful PDF viewing, annotating and form filling/signing into their app saving months of development time and expense.

With our real-time document syncing solution, PSPDFKit Instant, users can seamlessly share and annotate PDF documents across all devices and platforms they use. Instant integrates with our SDKs on Android, iOS and Web and is designed to be self-hosted, so customers retain complete control over their data and infrastructure.

Founded in 2011, PSPDFKit has grown into a global company serving over half a billion users worldwide. Due to a keen focus on the developers who build these products, PSPDFKit has been chosen as the technology provider by thousands of companies for its powerful performance, versatility and stability. Paired with second to none enterprise class support, PSPDFKit has become a global leader for integrating PDF class features in any app whether on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows or the Web.

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