SQLite Database Encryption

SQLite databases created by PSPDFKit are not encrypted by default. They are still protected by iOS Data Protection just like all application’s data. In case you need to add additional level of security there’re SQLite extensions that enable database encryption. These extensions encrypt database content and SQLite metadata.

One of such extensions is SQLite Encryption Extension. This extension requires SEE license.

Another alternative implementation is SQLCipher which is an open source project with BSD-style license.

To integrate SQLCipher, follow the instructions for either commercial edition or the community edition.

You can read more about how PSPDFKit integrates with your custom SQLite library here.

Encrypting PSPDFKit databases

SQLite database encryption is currently supported by PSPDFLibrary, which is described in detail here. We plan to extend this to all internal PSPDFKit SQLite databases in future release.