Axway Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator is a platform for creating great native mobile apps, all from a single JavaScript codebase.

PSPDFKit for iOS as an Appcelerator PDF SDK

PSPDFKit is available as an Appcelerator Titanium Module and is a great choice for an Appcelerator PDF SDK. For working example code, see the app.js file, which is included in the module. We expose a practical subset of PSPDFKit features via the JavaScript bridge. All available features are listed in the examples/app.js file supplied with the module.

Currently, only the iOS SDK has an Appcelerator wrapper.

For install/build instructions, please take a look at the README in the repository.

Configuring the Minimum Deployment Target

Inside your tiapp.xml file, make sure the minimum iOS version is correctly configured: