Interface: SignaturesInfo


Describes and persists the overall validation status of the document, based on the digital signatures it contains.

The information contained in the digital signatures included in a document can be extracted using PSPDFKit.Instance#getSignaturesInfo(), which resolves with a PSPDFKit.SignaturesInfo object. This object represent the overall validation status of the document. For getting information about each individual signature from the document, an array of PSPDFKit.SignatureInfo is included under the signatures property.

To learn more about digital signatures validation check this guide article.

Name Type Description
status PSPDFKit.DocumentValidationStatus

The different possible validation states of the document.

signatures Array.<PSPDFKit.SignatureInfo>

Array with the properties of each digital signature.

documentModifiedSinceSignature boolean

The document has been modified since the last signature was added to it.


Getting digital signatures data from a document

  .then(function (signaturesInfo) {

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