Class: URIAction


PDF action resolve a uniform resource identifier (web link).

It is an Immutable.Record and thus can be updated using set(key, value), for example: action.set("uri", "");.

A URI action contains an URI. When executing this annotation, we use to create a new browser tab. We also clear the opener as a security measurement to avoid the target page to have access to your PDF state.

const newWindow =, "_blank");
newWindow.opener = null;

Learn more about the security problems when using _blank in this article from JitBit.

Please refer to the individual browser documentations for a lists of supported URI protocols. The most used protocols (http, https and mailto) are supported in all supported browsers.


new PSPDFKit.Actions.URIAction(args)

Resolve a uniform resource identifier (web link).

Name Type Description
args Object

An object with the uri key used to initialize the action.


Create a new URIAction

const action = new PSPDFKit.Actions.URIAction({ uri: "" });




uri: string

The uniform resource identifier (web link) that should be resolved when triggering this action.

  • string