Interface: SignaturePreparationData


Contains information to be used for preparing a document to be signed digitally.

This object can be passed optionally to PSPDFKit.Instance.signDocument() with specific parameters for the preparation of the digital signature.

formFieldName and position cannot be set at the same time, or an error will be thrown.

This is the property that can be included in the object:

Name Type Attributes Description
placeholderSize number <nullable>

Size (bytes) to be reserved for the digital signature container. The default is 32 KB (32768 bytes).

flatten boolean <nullable>

Whether the document should be flatten before digitally signing it.

signatureMetadata PSPDFKit.SignatureMetadata <nullable>

Signature Meta Data for the digitally signing it.

formFieldName string <nullable>

Name of the existing signature form field to apply the signature to.

position PSPDFKit.SignaturePosition <nullable>

Page index and bounding box of the signature.

appearance PSPDFKit.SignatureAppearance <nullable>

Appearance options for the digital signature.

signingData PSPDFKit.SigningData <nullable>

Certificates, private key and signature type to sign the document with.


Setting the digital signature container reserved size when signing (Server)

  placeholderSize: 65536 // Specify a container with a 64 KB size
  .then(function () {
    console.log("The document has been signed!");