Interface: SignatureInfo


Describes and persists the properties of a digital signature.

Name Type Attributes Default Description
type string "pspdfkit/signature-info"
signatureType PSPDFKit.SignatureType <nullable>

Type of the signature: CMS, CAdES or Document Timestamp.

signerName string <nullable>

Signer's name.

creationDate string <nullable>

Date of the signature.

signatureReason string <nullable>

Purpose of the signature.

signatureLocation string <nullable>

Location where the signature has taken place.

documentIntegrityStatus PSPDFKit.DocumentIntegrityStatus

The different signature validation states the document can be in.

certificateChainValidationStatus PSPDFKit.CertificateChainValidationStatus

The different possible validation states of the certificate chain.

signatureValidationStatus PSPDFKit.SignatureValidationStatus

The different possible validation states of the signature.

isTrusted boolean

The signing certificate has been explicitly marked as trusted by the certificate store.

isSelfSigned boolean

The signing certificate is self-signed.

isExpired boolean

The signing certificate is expired.

documentModifiedSinceSignature boolean

The document has been modified since this signature has been added to it. Depending on the uncovered changes, the signature may be "valid with modifications", or "invalid".