CSS: General



The element where PSPDFKit for Web gets mounted within your application.


The scrollable area where the document is rendered into.


This class is used to access every page of the document. It's also possible to access a specific page with the data-page-index attribute.


Any entity of text on a page is wrapped with this class. You must not change any transformation or position properties, because it affects text selection. Also, the text color is transparent because the text that is visible is rendered in a canvas. This CSS class may be used to add custom click events for text entities.


Can also be: .PSPDFKit-Search-Highlight-focused
Every result from a search gets highlighted within the document. There is always one search-highlight that is currently in focus. The user can then jump to the next or previous search-highlight.


The loading indicator is used when the user waits for results from the server, e.g. loading the document or when starting a search. It can appear in different sizes and gets resized via the font-size.


Annotations that are not yet supported in PSPDFKit for Web are hidden by default. To highlight unsupported annotations, you can use .PSPDFKit-Annotation-Unsupported { display: block; }.


Customizable confirm dialog.


Customizable confirm dialog.


The confirm dialog content.


The confirm dialog buttons container.


A confirm dialog button.


Is also: .PSPDFKit-Confirm-Dialog-Button
The dialog confirm button.


Is also: .PSPDFKit-Confirm-Dialog-Button
The dialog confirm button.