Interface: SignatureMetadata


Contains metadata information to be included in a Digital Signature.

This object can be passed optionally to PSPDFKit.Instance.signDocument() as part of PSPDFKit.SignaturePreparationData.

Name Type Attributes Description
signerName string <nullable>

The name of the entity that signed the document.

signatureReason string <nullable>

The motivation for signing the document.

signatureLocation string <nullable>

The place where the document was signed.


Specifying the signer name, signature reason and location for a Digital Signature (Standalone)

    signatureMetadata: {
      signerName: "John Doe",
      signatureReason: "Testing",
      signatureLocation: "San Francisco"
  }, getPKCS7Container)
  .then(function () {
    console.log("The document has been signed!");