@property (nonatomic, copy) NS_REFINED_FOR_SWIFT NSString *_Nonnull (^) (PSPDFDocumentSharingPagesOptions, NSIndexSet *_Nonnull, NSArray<PSPDFDocument *> *_Nonnull) selectedPagesDescriptionProvider;

A block that provides a string to describe selected pages in the sharing UI.

The block is passed the selected range option, the selected page range if applicable, and the documents being shared. pagesOption will always have exactly one bit set. The selectedPages is not applicable when sharing all pages or annotated pages and should be ignored in those cases. When sharing the current page, the selectedPages will contain exactly 1 index. Sharing the current page or a specific range is only possible when sharing a single document, so documents can be assumed to contain a single entry in those cases.

To use the default PSPDFKit description in some cases, keep a reference to the original block and call through to it. Set this property to a custom block to show the page label or any other custom description.

This block does not call through to pageDescriptionProvider. Set both blocks if you want to describe pages in a consistent way.