PSPDFKit API is designed to keep your data safe. We do this by following security best practices and not storing more data than is absolutely required. More specifically, we implement the following to keep your data safe:

  • No input files are persistently stored on our infrastructure. As soon as a build request finishes, any files submitted by you are cleaned up as soon as possible. The same goes for the resulting PDF, which is deleted as soon as you download it. In addition, no metadata from your input files β€” beyond the MIME type and page count β€” is stored.
  • All communication between your application and PSPDFKit needs to use HTTPS to ensure your data is encrypted when it’s sent to us. Additionally, all data we do collect (your account data, performance-related metrics of requests, history of purchases) is stored in an encrypted database to further reduce the risk of any data leaks. For more details on the data we do collect, please see our privacy policy.
  • All payments are handled by Paddle, which is responsible for all payment processing and collection of data related to payment processing. PSPDFKit API never has direct access to any of your payment data.