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Each API call consumes one credit. Choose pay-as-you-go credits for one-off projects, or a subscription plan for regular use over time.

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With 1 credit, you can process 1 document. You can also combine multiple API actions with your 1 credit. For example, convert a JPG to a PDF file, rotate a specific page, and finally add a watermark — all for 1 credit. Merging multiple documents also counts as 1 credit.

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You can upgrade your plan or purchase additional pay-as-you-go credits any time you need to.

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If you process more than 1,000 documents per month, get volume-based discounts. Contact us to get a customized pricing package.

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One credit,

endless actions

With 1 credit, you can combine multiple API actions. Convert, OCR, watermark, edit, and flatten your document using 1 credit.


If you’re a business that requires a large API requests volume, reach out to discuss enterprise pricing options. Our team will review your use case and help design a customized pricing package.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add more credits by purchasing pay-as-you-go credits. Purchase ➝

Yes, we offer custom plans for organizations that require more than 10,000 credits per month. Contact sales to learn more ➝

Each API call consumes one credit. The number of credits you require will depend on the number of documents you're expecting to process. You can start by purchasing a pay-as-you-go package to get an approximation of the number of credits you require on a month-by-month basis. After a few months, you can save on costs by upgrading to a subscription plan that aligns with your monthly usage.

You consume 1 credit for every API call. Pay-as-you-go credits are valid for two years. If you have a subscription, credits are valid for a month and do not roll over to the next month.

Yes, once you create an account, you receive 100 free credits to test our APIs. If you need to do additional testing, you can contact us for a test API key. Contact us ➝

When you purchase a yearly subscription, you get a discount on the total cost of your plan.

If you're on a monthly or annual plan and realize our API isn't right for you, we'll provide you a refund for any unused credits within the first 30 days of the date that you first signed up for the account. If you purchased pay-as-you-go credits, we'll refund any unused credits within the first 30 days of purchase.

Security is our top priority, and when you make a request to our API, the file you upload and the resulting PDF are stored for the duration of the request and deleted as soon as a response is sent. All communication between your application and our API is encrypted via HTTPS. More about security ➝

Contact support and we’ll help answer any questions you have about our API tools. Contact us ➝


“Our team can focus on implementing the features specific to the DocuSign business domain while leaving the handling of PDFs to the experts.”

Kiran Kaza, DocuSign

Head of Mobile Engineering

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