With PSPDFKit API, each API call lets you process one document. In this guide, we’ll discuss how documents are processed and how you can combine multiple API actions to process a document.

What Is a Processed Document?

Each subscription we offer lets you process a certain number of documents. When you make a request to PSPDFKit’s API using your live API key to process a document, it’ll deduct one document from your subscription. If you make a request and you don’t have any documents left, a status 400 with an error code will be returned.

Can I Combine Multiple API Actions When Processing One Document?

Yes, you can combine multiple API actions in a single request to build a complex document processing workflow.

For example, if you have a workflow that requires you to convert, edit, OCR, watermark, and flatten a document, it’ll require a total of one API call and be equal to one document processed. For use cases that require merging multiple documents, only one API call is required.

To learn more about combining API actions, we’ve provided some example use cases in our combine workflow documentation.

How Does the Yearly Subscription Work?

The yearly subscription works the same as the monthly subscription, with the only difference being that you receive a 10 percent discount on the price by paying in advance for the entire year instead of paying for it month by month. Based on the package you choose, you’ll make one annual payment and then be able to process a set number of documents each month.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription Plan?

You can cancel your subscription plan at any time. Once canceled, we’ll immediately stop charging you. At the time of cancellation, any processed documents that you have available in your account will remain available to you until the end of your subscription period.

How Can I Test the API?

If you need to test our API without purchasing a plan, you can sign up for a free account, or contact us for a test API key.