Class NoteMultilineAnnotationHinterDrawable

    • Method Detail

      • onAnnotationPropertyChange

         void onAnnotationPropertyChange(@NonNull() Annotation annotation, int property, @Nullable() Object oldValue, @Nullable() Object newValue)

        Called when annotation property has changed.

        annotation - Annotation whose property has changed.
        property - Annotation property that changed (from constants).
        oldValue - Value of the property before the change.
        newValue - Value of the property after the change.
      • updatePdfToViewTransformation

         void updatePdfToViewTransformation(@NonNull() Matrix matrix)

        Called internally by PSPDFKit every time the PDF-to-view transformation was changed.

        matrix - The current PDF-to-view transformation matrix.
      • dispose

         void dispose()

        Disposes the drawable. Use this method to clean-up drawable after being done with it.