Class PolygonAnnotation

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    • Constructor Detail

      • PolygonAnnotation

        PolygonAnnotation(int pageIndex, List<PointF> points)
        Creates a new polygon annotation.
        pageIndex - Page to which this annotation will be attached to.
        points - List of points in polygon annotation.
      • PolygonAnnotation

        PolygonAnnotation(AnnotationPropertyMap properties, boolean markDirty)
        Intended for internal usage only.
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        @NonNull() AnnotationType getType()

        Gets the annotation type of the annotation.


        The type of the annotation. Makes down casting easier.

      • getPoints

        @NonNull() List<PointF> getPoints()

        Returns polygon points in PDF coordinates.


        List of polygon points. If for any reason valid coordinates aren't set, returns (0, 0) points.

      • setPoints

         void setPoints(@NonNull() List<PointF> points)

        Sets polygon points in PDF coordinates.

        points - List of points in polygon annotation.