Class BaseLineAnnotation

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      • getMinimumSize

        @NonNull() Size getMinimumSize()

        Returns the minimum size of the annotation.


        The minimum annotation size in PDF points.

      • getDashArray

         List<Integer> getDashArray()

        Returns currently set dash array or null if no pattern is set.


        Currently set dash array

      • setDashArray

         void setDashArray(@NonNull() List<Integer> dashes)

        Sets a dash style for the line. It's in form of an array where the numbers mean full_length, empty length, full_length... etc.. The pattern is repeated.

        To get a dashed line, setLineStyle should be set to DASHED and color of the line should be set with setColor.

        dashes - List of integer numbers representing lengths of a pattern.
      • getLineWidth

         float getLineWidth()

        Gets line width/thickness.


        Line width in PDF points.

      • setLineWidth

         void setLineWidth(@FloatRange(from = 0.0) float lineWidth)

        Sets line width/thickness.

        lineWidth - Line width in PDF points.
      • updateTransformationProperties

         void updateTransformationProperties(@NonNull() RectF newBoundingBox, @NonNull() RectF oldBoundingBox)

        Annotations may override this method to transform their properties (i.e. points, rects, sizes) whenever the bounding box of the annotation changed.

        newBoundingBox - New bounding box of the annotation (in PDF points).
        oldBoundingBox - Old bounding box of the annotation (in PDF points).