Enum AutoSaveMode

Auto-saving modes for the PdfView When turned on, AutoSave will only work if the PdfView is properly unloaded. The document is not periodically saved. In addition, if the application is terminated by Windows then the document will not be saved and any changes will be lost. Handling the suspension of the application must be done by the application developer. Read more about the UWP Application Lifecycle and handling application suspension and termination here: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsdeveloper/2016/04/28/the-lifecycle-of-a-uwp-app/ https://pspdfkit.com/guides/windows/current/features/suspend-unloading/

Namespace: PSPDFKit.UI
Assembly: PSPDFKit.dll
public enum AutoSaveMode


Name Description

Automatically save the file incrementally when the PdfView is unloaded or a new file is loaded. Incremental saving appends the changes to the open document. In certain circumstances, such as when working with image annotations this can cause files to grow significantly. Also consider Rewrite.


No automatic saving.


Automatically save the completely rewritten document when the PdfView is unloaded or a new file is loaded. For large files this is significantly slower than Incremental.