@protocol PSPDFFileDataProviding <PSPDFDataProviding>

A more specialized protocol for data providers backed by local files.

  • The local file URL that the data provider reads from.

    This can only be nil when the data provider supplies a progress and that progress is not completed. When implementing a custom class that conforms to PSPDFDileDataProviding, where the value of this property may change over time — maybe because the file has become available after loading from the network, moved on disk, or deleted — it is your responsibility to post the KVO notifications. The simplest way to achieve this is by re-declaring the property as readwrite, and always using the (synthesized) setter.


    Changing the value of this property without posting the appropriate KVO notifications leads to undefined behavior in PSPDFDocument.



    @property (readonly, nonatomic, nullable) NSURL *fileURL;


    var fileURL: URL? { get }