Class OnAnnotationSelectedListenerAdapter

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      • OnAnnotationSelectedListenerAdapter

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      • onPrepareAnnotationSelection

         boolean onPrepareAnnotationSelection(@NonNull() AnnotationSelectionController controller, @NonNull() Annotation annotation, boolean annotationCreated)

        Called immediately before annotation is going to be selected.

        controller - Selection controller that is performing the selection.
        annotation - Annotation that is going to be selected.
        annotationCreated - true if the annotation is being created.

        true when you want AnnotationSelectionController to proceed with the selection. Returning false will prevent annotation from being selected.

      • onAnnotationSelected

         void onAnnotationSelected(@NonNull() Annotation annotation, boolean annotationCreated)

        Called when annotation gets selected.

        annotation - Annotation that is being selected.
        annotationCreated - true if selected annotation is being created in .