Interface AnnotationSelectionController

    • Constructor Detail

    • Method Detail

      • isResizeEnabled

         abstract boolean isResizeEnabled()

        Test if selection resizing is enabled.


        True when annotation can be resized in selection.

      • setResizeEnabled

         abstract void setResizeEnabled(boolean resizeEnabled)

        Enable or disable selection resizing.

        resizeEnabled - When false, drag handles won't be drawn and annotation resizing will be disabled.
      • isResizeGuidesEnabled

         abstract boolean isResizeGuidesEnabled()

        Test whether resize guides are enabled.


        True when resize guides are enabled.

      • setResizeGuidesEnabled

         abstract void setResizeGuidesEnabled(boolean resizeGuidesEnabled)

        Enable or disable resize guides.

        resizeGuidesEnabled - When false, resize guides won't be drawn and snapping to square and aspect ratio will be disabled.
      • setKeepAspectRatioEnabled

         abstract void setKeepAspectRatioEnabled(boolean keepAspectRatio)

        Forces selection to keep/not keep aspect ratio. When not set uses default behavior when only image annotations will keep aspect ratio.

        keepAspectRatio - True when aspect ratio should be kept when resizing.
      • isKeepAspectRatioEnabled

        @Nullable() abstract Boolean isKeepAspectRatioEnabled()

        Test whether aspect ratio is maintained when resizing.


        True when keeping aspect ratio is enabled, false when it's disabled. null when default behavior is used - i.e. enabled for certain annotations (for example image stamps).

      • isDraggingEnabled

         abstract boolean isDraggingEnabled()

        Test whether selection dragging is enabled.


        True when selection is draggable.

      • setDraggingEnabled

         abstract void setDraggingEnabled(boolean isDragEnabled)

        Enable or disable selection dragging.

        isDragEnabled - True when selection can be dragged.
      • isRotationEnabled

         abstract boolean isRotationEnabled()

        Check whether rotating annotations (that support it) is enabled.


        true when annotation rotation is enabled, false otherwise.

      • setRotationEnabled

         abstract void setRotationEnabled(boolean isRotationEnabled)

        Enable or disable annotation rotation.

        isRotationEnabled - true to enable annotation rotation, false to disable it.