Class PdfThumbnailBar

  • All Implemented Interfaces: , android.view.KeyEvent.Callback , android.view.ViewManager , android.view.ViewParent , android.view.accessibility.AccessibilityEventSource , com.pspdfkit.ui.PSPDFKitViews.PSPDFView , com.pspdfkit.ui.drawable.PdfDrawableManager

    public class PdfThumbnailBar
    extends PdfFrameLayout implements PSPDFKitViews.PSPDFView, PdfDrawableManager

    Bar showing thumbnails of pages for quick selection. This class is basically a wrapper view around the actual thumbnail bar implementations, like PdfStaticThumbnailBar and . It will handle all the logic for thumbnail bar implementations so it's recommended that you use it directly, if adding thumbnail bar as a component to your custom layout. To select the thumbnail bar mode/style, use setThumbnailBarMode method.