Class DigitalSignatureMetadata

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class DigitalSignatureMetadata
     implements Parcelable

    DigitalSignatureMetadata contains all metadata like appearance config, algorithm and other configuration needed for signing data

    • Method Detail

      • getEstimatedSize

         final Integer getEstimatedSize()

        The estimated size is part of the size that will be reserved in the PDF document before digitally signing it. This size corresponds only to the /Contents field of the signature field, that is, the signature container. Core will actually reserve a bigger space to make room for implementation details (the /ByteRange field, the fact that a signature is hex-encoded in a PDF, etc.). A big estimated size will possibly make the signed document bigger than necessary, but a too small one will cause the signing process to fail. The value will be clamped to the nearest even value between 0 and 256 KB (262144 bytes). If not set, the default is 32 KB (32768 bytes).

      • getHashAlgorithm

         final HashAlgorithm getHashAlgorithm()

        Returns the algorithm to hash the document before the signature is created. Defaults to SHA-256.

      • getReason

         final String getReason()

        The reason why the document was signed.

      • getTimestampData

         final TimestampData getTimestampData()

        timestampData is an optional field, it “upgrades” the signature to PAdES B-T level to include a cryptographic timestamp token to prove that the signed document existed at a given point in time.