Class BiometricSignatureData

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    public abstract class BiometricSignatureData
     implements Parcelable

    Biometric data of a Signature. Biometric data contains timing, pressure sensitivity, and general input information that was collected while writing the signature. The biometric data can be written to a PDF document while digitally signing using a . Create instances of this class using the .

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      • BiometricSignatureData

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      • getPressurePoints

        @Nullable() final List<Float> getPressurePoints()

        Returns pressure points that were collected during signature creation. The returned list is immutable. May be null if no pressure points were collected. The unit and range of values is defined by the input type and may vary. Usually, this will be a value between 0f (no pressure) and 1f (full pressure) as provided by the getPressure property.


        Immutable list of pressure points or null.

      • getTimePoints

        @Nullable() final List<Long> getTimePoints()

        Returns time points that were registered during signature creation. Time points are milliseconds since the start of drawing the signature (the first time point will be `0`). The returned list is immutable. May be null if no time points were collected.


        Immutable list of time points (in milliseconds) or null.

      • getTouchRadius

        @Nullable() abstract Float getTouchRadius()

        Returns touch radius of the input device. The radius is a float value in the interval [0, 1] and represents the "thickness" of the input device.


        Touch radius of the input device or null if the radius is not known.