Enum ScrollMode

Describes mode of page scrolling in the view - either continuous or per spread (paginated).

Namespace: PSPDFKit.UI
Assembly: PSPDFKit.dll
public enum ScrollMode


Name Description

Render all pages as a list and allow smooth scrolling. This is the default mode.


Restricts view to a single page spread, disabling navigation between pages through the UI.

Page changes can be done programatically by using SetCurrentPageIndexAsync(Int32).

When pages are changed, the zoom level will be updated to make it fully visible.

Navigation through link annotations still works in this mode. See SetCurrentPageIndexAsync(Int32) or IsEditableAnnotation to control annotation interaction.


Makes scrolling only possible within a spread. Whenever this mode is activated, or pages are changed when this mode is active, the zoom mode will be reset to FitToViewPort.