Namespace PSPDFKit.Pdf.ElectronicSignatures



This Electronic Signature Storage implementation saves the signatures locally.
It is provided as an example and helper for usage with PSPDFKit.Pdf.ElectronicSignatures.ElectronicSignaturesController.
This storage handler only saves signatures in memory until the application closes.
For more options and control over the events handler, please see IElectronicSignatureStorage and implement your own solution.


Defines specific configuration options related to the electronic signatures feature.



Interface detailing the storage events used by the Electronic Signatures component.
You must either create your own implementation of the storage or use InMemoryElectronicSignatureStorage.
This implementation is then passed in to Controller. There you will find the relevant events and methods.
Internally, the Electronic Signatures Controller will call these methods whenever appropriate.



Represents one of the available signing methods for adding new electronic signatures using the UI.
This enum is used inside CreationModes when configuring the ViewState of your PdfView.