The PSPDFKit SDK is a framework that allows you to view, annotate, sign, and fill PDF forms on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web.

PSPDFKit Instant adds real-time collaboration features to seamlessly share, edit, and annotate PDF documents.

This library requires a valid license of PSPDFKit. Licenses are per platform.

PSPDFKit for React Native exposes the most often used APIs from PSPDFKit. Many of our partners end up forking this repository and adding some custom code to achieve even greater integration with their products, using native code.

Windows is not currently supported, please use the previous version 1.24.9 instead.

Support, Issues and License Questions

PSPDFKit offers support for customers with an active SDK license via

Are you evaluating our SDK? That's great, we're happy to help out! PSPDFKit is a commercial product and requires the purchase of a license key when used in production. By default, this library will initialize in demo mode, placing a watermark on each PDF and limiting usage to 60 minutes.

To purchase a license for production use, please reach out to us via


For Troubleshooting common issues you might encounter when setting up PSPDFKit for React Native, please refer to the Troubleshooting section.


This project can be used for evaluation or if you have a valid PSPDFKit license. All items and source code Copyright © 2010-2024 PSPDFKit GmbH.

See LICENSE for details.