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TwainGetOrientation Method (GdPictureImaging)
In This Topic
Asks to the opened source which edge of the “paper” the image’s “top” is aligned with. This information is used to adjust the frames to match the scanning orientation of the paper.
Public Function TwainGetOrientation() As TwainOrientation
public TwainOrientation TwainGetOrientation()
public function TwainGetOrientation(): TwainOrientation; 
public function TwainGetOrientation() : TwainOrientation;
public: TwainOrientation TwainGetOrientation(); 
TwainOrientation TwainGetOrientation(); 

Return Value

The image orientation mode. A member of the TwainOrientation enumeration.
Before using this method check that the TWAIN state is TWAIN_SOURCE_OPEN (4) To get the TWAIN state, use the TwainGetState() method.
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