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TwainGetState Method (GdPictureImaging)
In This Topic
Gets the recent TWAIN state of the currently executed TWAIN session.

The TWAIN protocol defines seven states that exist in the TWAIN session in order to ensure the session is executed correctly. For more details on TWAIN states, please refer to the TWAIN Specification.

Public Function TwainGetState() As TwainStatus
public TwainStatus TwainGetState()
public function TwainGetState(): TwainStatus; 
public function TwainGetState() : TwainStatus;
public: TwainStatus TwainGetState(); 
TwainStatus TwainGetState(); 

Return Value

A member of the TwainStatus enumeration. The current TWAIN state of the on-going TWAIN session.
Be aware that this is not the error status of the last executed TWAIN operation. For further explanation please refer to the example below.

Just to inform you that you can try the TWAIN functionality using one of TWAIN demo projects available in your installation folder.

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