GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureImaging Class / TwainSaveConfiguration Method / TwainSaveConfiguration(String) Method
The file to save the current device configuration.

In This Topic
TwainSaveConfiguration(String) Method
In This Topic
Saves to a file the current settings of the opened source, e.g. DPI, paper size, color format.
Public Overloads Function TwainSaveConfiguration( _
   ByVal FilePath As String _
) As Boolean
public bool TwainSaveConfiguration( 
   string FilePath
public function TwainSaveConfiguration( 
    FilePath: String
): Boolean; 
public function TwainSaveConfiguration( 
   FilePath : String
) : boolean;
public: bool TwainSaveConfiguration( 
   string* FilePath
bool TwainSaveConfiguration( 
   String^ FilePath


The file to save the current device configuration.

Return Value

TRUE if successful, FALSE otherwise -> Use TwainGetLastResultCode() and TwainGetLastConditionCode() methods for diagnosing the error.
Before using this method check that the TWAIN state is TWAIN_SOURCE_OPEN (4) To get the TWAIN state, use the TwainGetState() method.
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