GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureImaging Class / TwainIsAutoScanAvailable Method

In This Topic
TwainIsAutoScanAvailable Method (GdPictureImaging)
In This Topic
Asks to the opened source if she can support the automatic scan capability. This capability is intended to boost the performance of a Source. The fundamental assumption behind AutoScan is that the device is able to capture images without waiting for the Application to request the image transfers. The default behavior is undefined, because some high volume devices are capable of anything but TwainIsAutoScanAvailable() return value being equal to TRUE.
Public Function TwainIsAutoScanAvailable() As Boolean
public bool TwainIsAutoScanAvailable()
public function TwainIsAutoScanAvailable(): Boolean; 
public function TwainIsAutoScanAvailable() : boolean;
public: bool TwainIsAutoScanAvailable(); 
bool TwainIsAutoScanAvailable(); 

Return Value

TRUE if support the automatic scan, FALSE otherwise -> Use TwainGetLastResultCode() and TwainGetLastConditionCode() methods for diagnosing the error.
Before using this method check that the TWAIN state is TWAIN_SOURCE_OPEN (4) To get the TWAIN state, use the TwainGetState() method.
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