Class TranslateSubmenuToolbarCompletableOnSubscribe

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    public class TranslateSubmenuToolbarCompletableOnSubscribe
     implements CompletableOnSubscribe

    Asynchronously chainable animation on the submenu toolbar.

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      void subscribe(CompletableEmitter completableEmitter)
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    • Constructor Detail

      • TranslateSubmenuToolbarCompletableOnSubscribe

        TranslateSubmenuToolbarCompletableOnSubscribe(ContextualToolbarSubMenu submenuBar, int translateX, int translateY, long durationMs, Interpolator interpolator)
        Creates a CompletableOnSubscribe that animates the passed toolbar and calls onComplete() on subscriber once finished.
        submenuBar - Submenu bar to be animated.
        translateX - Targeted x-translation property value at the end of animation.
        translateY - Targeted y-translation property value at the end of animation.
        durationMs - Duration of the animation in milliseconds.
        interpolator - Animation interpolator, default is LinearInterpolator.
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      • subscribe

         void subscribe(CompletableEmitter completableEmitter)