Interface TextSelectionManager.OnTextSelectionChangeListener

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      • onBeforeTextSelectionChange

         abstract boolean onBeforeTextSelectionChange(@Nullable() TextSelection newTextSelection, @Nullable() TextSelection currentTextSelection)

        Called every time the text selection is about to be changed. It is called before the current text selection is changed, given the listener the possibility to prevent selection, deselection or alteration of selection.

        newTextSelection - TextSelection that is going to be selected or null if the active selection is going to be cleared.
        currentTextSelection - The active TextSelection or null if there is no active selection right now.
      • onAfterTextSelectionChange

         abstract void onAfterTextSelectionChange(@Nullable() TextSelection newTextSelection, @Nullable() TextSelection oldTextSelection)

        Called once the text selection has successfully been changed.

        newTextSelection - Text selection currently selected.
        oldTextSelection - Text selection that was previously selected.