Interface BookmarkViewAdapter

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    public interface BookmarkViewAdapter

    Bookmarks adapter for the PdfOutlineView. This interface handles interaction with actual bookmark data for this view as well as events triggered on the view (for example, bookmark taps, edits, etc.).

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      • getBookmarks

         abstract List<Bookmark> getBookmarks()

        Called to retrieve the list of bookmarks to display.


        List of bookmarks to be shown in this view.

      • onBookmarkAdd

         abstract void onBookmarkAdd()

        Called when add button has been clicked in this view.

      • onBookmarkPositionSet

         abstract void onBookmarkPositionSet(@NonNull() Bookmark bookmark, int position)

        Called when bookmark has been reordered in this view.

        bookmark - Bookmark that has been reordered.
        position - New bookmark position.
      • onBookmarkNameSet

         abstract void onBookmarkNameSet(@NonNull() Bookmark bookmark, @Nullable() String name)

        Called when bookmark should be renamed.

        bookmark - Bookmark that has been selected for rename.
        name - New bookmark name.
      • onBookmarkClicked

         abstract void onBookmarkClicked(@NonNull() Bookmark bookmark)

        Called when user taps on a bookmark outside editing mode.

        bookmark - Bookmark that was tapped.
      • onBookmarkRemove

         abstract boolean onBookmarkRemove(@NonNull() Bookmark bookmark)

        Called when user deleted the bookmark from list.

        bookmark - Bookmark that was deleted.

        true if the bookmark should be actually deleted, false if it should be left on the list.

      • isBookmarkAddButtonEnabled

         abstract boolean isBookmarkAddButtonEnabled()

        Called to determine bookmark add button enabled state.


        true if add button should be enabled, false if it should be disabled.