Class ScaleSelectPickerInspectorView

  • All Implemented Interfaces: , android.view.KeyEvent.Callback , android.view.ViewManager , android.view.ViewParent , android.view.accessibility.AccessibilityEventSource , com.pspdfkit.ui.inspector.PropertyInspectorView

    public class ScaleSelectPickerInspectorView
    extends FrameLayout implements PropertyInspectorView

    Used by the AnnotationCreationInspectorFactory to display/select the default MeasurementValueConfiguration to be used for creating a measurement annotation. Also used by the AnnotationEditingInspectorFactory to display/select the MeasurementValueConfiguration for the currently edited measurement annotation.

    This inspector reacts to clicks in two different ways - If there are MeasurementValueConfigurations available it switches to the ScaleListPickerInspectorDetailView - If no scale is available, it opens ScaleConfigurationPickerInspectorDetailView to create the first scale