Class LineEndTypePickerInspectorView

  • All Implemented Interfaces: , android.view.KeyEvent.Callback , android.view.ViewManager , android.view.ViewParent , android.view.accessibility.AccessibilityEventSource , com.pspdfkit.ui.inspector.PropertyInspectorView

    public class LineEndTypePickerInspectorView
    extends BaseDrawablePickerInspectorView<T>

    Inspector component for picking line end type.

    • Constructor Detail

      • LineEndTypePickerInspectorView

        LineEndTypePickerInspectorView(Context context, String label, List<LineEndType> availableTypes, LineEndType defaultType, boolean isLineStart, LineEndTypePickerInspectorView.LineEndTypePickerListener listener)
        Construct line style picker.
        context - The context to use.
        label - Label for inspector view.
        availableTypes - List of available line end types.
        defaultType - Default line end type selected when showing picker.
        isLineStart - True when this picker represents line ends drawn on starting point, false when on ending point.
        listener - Listener for line end picker changes.
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