Class CustomColorPickerInspectorDetailView

    • Constructor Detail

      • CustomColorPickerInspectorDetailView

        CustomColorPickerInspectorDetailView(Context context, Array<int> colors, int defaultValue)
      • CustomColorPickerInspectorDetailView

        CustomColorPickerInspectorDetailView(Context context, List<Integer> colors, int defaultValue)
    • Method Detail

      • getState

        @Nullable() Parcelable getState()

        Called when it's time to save the view state. It will later be restored by calling setState ()}


        The state you want to save.

      • setState

         void setState(@NonNull() Parcelable state)

        Called to restore the state that was saved before by calling getState.

        state - The state to restore.
      • unbindController

         void unbindController()

        Unbind from property inspector controller.

      • onHidden

         void onHidden()

        Called when this inspector view was hidden.

      • getMaximumHeight

         int getMaximumHeight()

        Called to get the maximum height the detail view will be.


        The maximum size this detail view will be.

      • getPropertyInspectorMaxHeight

         int getPropertyInspectorMaxHeight()

        Returns maximum height that this view with all its detail views will occupy.


        Hint for the maximum inspector height or 0 if no max height is specified.

      • getSuggestedHeight

         int getSuggestedHeight()

        Returns best height of this view when shown in inspector. This is used to suggest initial height to inspector parent.


        Hint for the view height after being shown in inspector.