Class PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayout

  • All Implemented Interfaces: , android.view.KeyEvent.Callback , android.view.ViewManager , android.view.ViewParent , android.view.accessibility.AccessibilityEventSource , androidx.core.view.NestedScrollingParent , androidx.core.view.NestedScrollingParent2 , androidx.core.view.NestedScrollingParent3 , com.pspdfkit.ui.inspector.PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayoutController

    public class PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayout
    extends CoordinatorLayout implements PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayoutController

    This layout is responsible for handling PropertyInspectors. It is used in , but it can be added to any view group, for example to the root view of the custom activity.

    PSPDFKit ships with property inspector controllers that manage property inspector lifecycle for built in inspectors:

    We recommend to use these controllers instead of manually managing your UI.