Interface OnDocumentLongPressListener

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         abstract boolean onDocumentLongPress(@NonNull() PdfDocument document, @IntRange(from = 0) int pageIndex, @Nullable() MotionEvent event, @Nullable() PointF pagePosition, @Nullable() Annotation longPressedAnnotation)

        Called when user long-press / long-clicks on the page.

        document - Currently opened document.
        pageIndex - Page number of the page being long-pressed.
        event - MotionEvent that triggered this page click.
        pagePosition - Tapped page position (in PDF page coordinates with origin on bottom left).
        longPressedAnnotation - Annotation that was long-tapped, or null if no annotation was long-tapped.

        true if tap was handled by this OnDocumentLongPressListener and should not be handled by PSPDFKit anymore. If returning false PSPDFKit will continue executing it's default action.