Interface InstantAnnotationProvider

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      • getIdentifierForAnnotation

        @NonNull() abstract String getIdentifierForAnnotation(@NonNull() Annotation annotation)

        Returns the unique identifier used by Instant for the given annotation.

        The Instant identifier of an annotation is stable over time, so that it can be used to associate arbitrary data from separate sources with an annotation. The values generated by Instant are URL, XML, and file-system safe. They are unique within the context of the document, and can be used to retrieve the same annotation later by calling getAnnotationForIdentifier.

        annotation - The annotation for which the identifier should be returned.

        A string uniquely identifying the given annotation in this document.

      • hasUnsavedChanges

         abstract boolean hasUnsavedChanges()

        Returns whether there are unsaved changes to annotations in this document.


        true if annotations were modified in this document and they should be synced with Instant Server (PSPDFKit Document Engine).