Class ChoiceFormElement

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      • setSelectedIndexes

         void setSelectedIndexes(@NonNull() List<Integer> selectedIndexes)

        Sets selected options indexes.

        selectedIndexes - List of selected options indexes.
      • setOptions

         void setOptions(@NonNull() List<FormOption> options)

        Sets the options for the given choice form element. This WILL change the options in the PDF file.

        options - List of entries for form options.
      • isMultiSelectEnabled

         boolean isMultiSelectEnabled()

        Check whether more than one of the element's options may be selected simultaneously.


        true when multi selection is enabled for the element.

      • isCommitOnSelectionChangeEnabled

         boolean isCommitOnSelectionChangeEnabled()

        When set, don't wait for the focus to exit the control, but immediately commit actions.


        Whether to commit new value immediately after options has been selected.