Interface LibraryIndexingListener

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      • onStartIndexingDocument

         abstract void onStartIndexingDocument(@NonNull() String documentUID)

        Called when a document starts indexing.

        documentUID - document UID of the document that started indexing.
      • onFinishIndexingDocument

         abstract void onFinishIndexingDocument(@NonNull() String documentUID, boolean success)

        Called when a document finishes indexing.

        documentUID - document UID of the document that finished indexing.
        success - true if document indexing finished successfully.
      • enableOnPageIndexedEvents

         abstract boolean enableOnPageIndexedEvents()

        Whether onPageIndexed callback should be called for each page indexed.

        NOTE: This may significantly slow down the indexing progress. Should return false if this information is not needed.


        true if progress should be reported for each page indexed.

      • onPageIndexed

         abstract void onPageIndexed(@NonNull() String documentUID, @IntRange(from = 0) int pageIndex, @NonNull() String text)

        Called for each page indexed if enableOnPageIndexedEvents returns true.

        documentUID - document UID of the document that's indexing.
        pageIndex - 0-indexed page index of the page processed.
        text - text on the page that was indexed into the library.