Class LinkAnnotationHighlighter

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    • Constructor Detail

      • LinkAnnotationHighlighter

        LinkAnnotationHighlighter(Context context)
        Creates the link annotation highlighter.
        context - Context used for pulling theme attributes set for the link annotation highlights.
    • Method Detail

      • setLinkAnnotation

         void setLinkAnnotation(@Nullable() LinkAnnotation linkAnnotation)

        Sets the link annotation to highlight. Calling this will replace any previously set link annotation.

        linkAnnotation - link annotation to highlight.
      • getDrawablesForPage

        @Nullable() List<out PdfDrawable> getDrawablesForPage(@Nullable() Context context, @Nullable() PdfDocument document, @IntRange(from = 0) int pageIndex)

        Returns all drawables for the given document and pageIndex. The framework may call this method on any thread.

        context - Context for resource resolution.
        document - The currently loaded PdfDocument.
        pageIndex - Number of the page for which the drawables should be returned.

        A list of all drawables for the given document and page.