Class RenditionAction

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    public class RenditionAction
    extends AbstractMediaAction

    A rendition action controls the playing of multimedia content.

    Note: JavaScript actions are not supported.

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      • getJavascript

        @Nullable() String getJavascript()

        Returns a text string containing a JavaScript script to be executed when the action is triggered. If rendition action type is valid, and screen annotation is specified, the javascript will be executed first and rendition action will be used as a fallback in case of unsuccessful script execution.


        JavaScript script to be executed when the action is triggered.

      • getScreenAnnotationObjectNumber

         int getScreenAnnotationObjectNumber()

        Returns the object number of the referenced screen annotation (if any).


        referenced annotation object number.

      • getScreenAnnotationAsync

        @NonNull() Maybe<ScreenAnnotation> getScreenAnnotationAsync(@NonNull() PdfDocument pdfDocument)

        Returns screen annotation associated with this rendition action, asynchronously.

        pdfDocument - PDF document in which to look for the associated screen annotation.

        An instance of Maybe that either emits the requested annotation in `onSuccess()` or terminates with `onCompleted()` or `onError()`.

      • getType

        @NonNull() ActionType getType()

        Returns type of action to make down-casting easier.


        Type of this action.