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PDFTron [Apryse] vs. PSPDFKit

When it comes to enterprise-grade security and reliability, there’s only one option. See how PSPDFKit stacks up as the best PDFTron alternative.

What Makes PSPDFKit the Best PDFTron Alternative?

Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy

PDF Engine Maturity

World-Class Support

Pay Only for What You Need

Feel Safe with Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy

Protect your customers and organization with a PDF SDK that’s built on PDFium, the same secure PDF engine used in Chromium and maintained by Google. With SOC 2-compliant processes and a flawless 10-year track record of no security vulnerabilities or exposures, PSPDFKit is the PDF SDK that enterprises, government agencies, and startups trust.

“Because PDFium has large stakeholders such as Chromium, downstream users benefit from the significant effort Chromium makes in securing PDFium.”

Jonathan Metzman

Software engineer on the Google Open Source Security Team

PDFTron’s [Apryse] Latest High Severity CVE Vulnerabilities


“...allows unauthenticated attackers to upload malicious files to the application server.”


“...allows unauthenticated attackers to access restricted PDF files…”


“...allows authenticated attackers to perform an account takeover.”


“...may be exploited to execute arbitrary code.”

What Is the Cost of a Vulnerability?

USD $9.44 million

Average cost of a breach in the United States

Source: IBM
284 days

Average time to identify and contain a breach caused by third-party software

Source: IBM

Average share price performance vs. the NASDAQ three years after a breach

“PDFTron doesn’t provide any native mechanism to ensure that rendered documents cannot be opened by someone else… We had to implement our own additional layer of security…”
“[Security] updates are not available for previously supported versions of Autodesk® Inventor and AutoCAD® – versions 2021-2019”

Build Secure Software on a Battle-Tested PDF Engine

The PSPDFKit core SDK and user interface sit on top of an optimized fork of PDFium, the same PDF engine used in Chromium, Android, and countless other applications by 2 billion users to open trillions of PDFs every year.

PDFTron [Apryse] vs. PSPDFKit at a Glance

An aging legacy codebase, support issues, and paying for unused features are recurring themes when you compare the PDFTron SDK vs. the PSPDFKit SDK.

Feature Maturity Comparison

In the 12 months following a strategic €100 million investment by Insight Partners, PSPDFKit added more than 3,000 new capabilities. With PSPDFKit, you have everything to support your developers today and enable your vision for tomorrow.

When It Comes to Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability, PSPDFKit Is #1

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